Statistics indicate far more men cheat on their partners than do women.  While this may be the case, I can’t help but wonder if it’s just that more men get caught.  Let’s face it, most guys have a hard time being discreet.  Even when they’re trying to be their actions can be about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

Women tend to have a sixth sense when it comes to cheating.  No one wants to be cheated on though, and even when faced with obvious signs this is the case some women tend to justify their guy’s behaviour.  Don’t be in denial, ladies.  If you find out your guy is cheating, face up to it.  What you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you.  By acknowledging it you will, at least, be able to consider your options and take whatever steps you deem necessary.

Signs He is Cheating or Could Be

One of the first signs he is cheating is often that your guy suddenly becomes far more focused on his appearance.  Whereas he may once have gone without shaving whenever possible, he may now be shaving fastidiously every day.  Maybe even twice a day, even if he’s “just going to shoot some hoops with the guys.”

He may get a new haircut and overnight have an interest in fashion and buying new clothes, whereas before he was happy to wear the first clean thing he could find in the closet.  He may, of his own accord, start wearing that aftershave you bought him two Christmases ago and have been nagging him to wear ever since.

For years you may have been encouraging him to lose weight for the sake of his health, to no avail.  Then, out of the blue, he goes on a diet and starts exercising religiously.

While none of these things alone indicate he is definitely having an affair, the chances he is are quite high especially if his behaviour ticks all the boxes.  The possibility that he’s just flirting and wanting to look good and appear cool to someone younger he regularly comes into contact with exists, but if he’s going to so much trouble there’s a chance that if he isn’t already cheating he would like to be.

More Signs He is Cheating

Another one of the signs he is cheating is that he now carries his cell phone on him at all times and makes sure it’s charged, while before he left it laying around and it often ran flat.  He may even start taking it to the bathroom with him.

Having the phone on silent is another indication he may be getting calls or texts he doesn’t want you to know about.  If this is an isolated incident and there are no other signs he is cheating and there is a special occasion such as your anniversary coming up, it could be that he is in the process of arranging a surprise for you.

Does he spend a lot more time on the computer and does he switch to another page or close the lid on his laptop when you approach?  Have you found out he now has an email address separate to yours whereas before you shared?  Again, it could be that he is arranging something special for you that he doesn’t want you to get wind of, but don’t be naive.  If this behaviour continues for more than a few days, be suspicious.

These are just some of numerous signs he is cheating, or at least could be.  It’s important not to become paranoid and jump to conclusions.  If there is any doubt in your mind as to whether your guy is being faithful, talk to him.  If he becomes angry or defensive it is probably because you have caught him out and he feels cornered.  Think about it, if the shoe were on the other foot and your partner asked if you were cheating and you weren’t, wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to put his mind at ease?  I know I would.

I hope this post on signs he is cheating helped make things a little clearer for you.

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