So you’ve joined an online dating site and met your dream match.  While the pressures of modern life can leave us with little time or inclination to put a lot of thought into coming up with romantic ideas, let alone putting them into practice, it is important that we do so.  According to psychologists, romance is as necessary for a happy and fulfilling relationship decades down the track as it is when we first start dating.

Here are some romantic ideas that will help keep your love light shining:

Romantic Ideas For Couples

1. Plan a relaxing candlelit dinner for two

When thinking of romantic ideas one of the first things that springs to mind is a candlelit dinner.  Many a romance was started over a candlelit dinner, so why not make these a regular part of your life?

The ambiance candlelight provides is mysterious, sexy and alluring.  It could be three course fine dining at a five star restaurant of takeout pizza in your lounge-room, so this is something even the busiest of couples can share.  Don’t forget the wine!

2. Have regular date nights

One of the easiest romantic ideas to incorporate in your relationship is date night.

It doesn’t matter if your date consists of going to that fancy new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, catching a movie then going for coffee, or just sitting and holding hands while watching the sun set.  What matters is that you regularly spend time just being together and relaxing.  Date night is also a great time for conversation, from the deep and meaningful to relating something funny that happened at work.

More Romantic Ideas

3. Go on long, leisurely walks

Walking hand-in-hand is one of the most inexpensive romantic ideas.  In fact, it won’t cost you a penny.  Choose a picturesque setting such as a park or beach.  Talking is optional, but why not just enjoy each others’ company and your surroundings!?

4. Take a road trip

Hit the road and go wherever the mood takes you, or go somewhere you’ve been curious about.  Leaving your everyday cares behind, even briefly, is relaxing and energizing which in turn can inject romance into your relationship.  This makes road trips not just a fun adventure, but also great romantic ideas.

5. Give gifts

Gift giving should not be reserved for birthdays and Christmas.  If you see something in a shop that you know your partner will like, surprise them with it.  If money is tight, don’t think gift giving is out of the question.  Your gift could be something as simple as a magazine, a plant, or a block of chocolate.  The fact that you have made the effort and put some thought into buying something your partner will like will make them feel loved and appreciated.  This makes gift giving one of the most ideal romantic ideas to let your partner know how special they are to you.

Coming up with romantic ideas to let your partner know how much you love and appreciate them is worth the effort.  The result will be a bond and sense of unity that is strong and you will both be happier for it.

Check back soon for Romantic Ideas Part 2.

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