Do you remember what it was like when you first met?  Nothing was too much trouble to make your new love happy and to show them how much you cared.  Romantic ideas came naturally to you.  Don’t you wish it could be like that again?  Well, with a bit of effort it can be.

Here in part 2 of romantic ideas I offer more romantic ideas that will help invigorate a stale romance or keep a great one fresh for years to come.

More Romantic Ideas For Couples

6. Massage

One of the most romantic ideas that won’t cost much at all is to treat your partner to a massage.  Set the scene with candles and buy some aromatic massage oil.  This quiet time alone together while you take turns indulging your partner will bring you closer together.

7. Share a Bath

Sharing a candle lit bath is very cosy and romantic, especially on a cold night.  Relax; chat only if you feel like it.  Give each other a foot and back massage and wash each other’s hair.  As a woman I find the thought of my man washing my hair one of the most romantic ideas my partner could come up with, and from what I’ve been told guys love to be pampered this way too.  Don’t forget the soft music and bubbles, both in the bath and in a glass.

8. Poetry

Something strongly connected with romantic ideas is poetry.  Bring out your inner poet by writing your loved one a poem.  If you are not up to this, find a poem that relates to and describes how you feel about your partner.  Write it out on a card and pop it into their briefcase, lunchbox or handbag for them to find at work, or leave it under their pillow.

More Romantic Ideas For Couples

9. Snuggle by an Open Fire

Flames can be very sensual and atmospheric and can arouse all of your senses, making them one of the most romantic ideas to enjoy together.  If your house has a fire, throw in some pine cones and stoke it up on a chilly night.  Grab a bottle of wine, some tasty dips and maybe some marshmallows to toast.  Cuddle up and enjoy being together in the darkness with just the fire for light and the crackling of burning logs for sound.  Smell the roasting pine cones and feel the warmth on your skin as you sip your wine.

If you don’t have a fire at home, find a bar or restaurant that has one and go on a date just like you did in the old days.

10. Picnic

Find a nice quiet spot in a park at the beach or in bushland, and enjoy a picnic together.  Relax, open a bottle of wine and lie back and let time pass.  If you are really pushed for time and can’t drive somewhere quiet, grab a blanket and have a picnic in your backyard.  This is especially fun and relaxing at night when there is more opportunity to enjoy the silence.

These are just some of many romantic ideas that don’t cost a fortune to implement but the results will be priceless.  Why not see if you can come up with some more of your own?  All you have to do is look around you and use your imagination and you will find romantic ideas aplenty.

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