How to know if a girl likes you is something many guys have wondered about.  Determining whether or not a girl is really into you can be tricky.  Some girls are quiet and reserved.   This doesn’t mean they don’t like you.  Others girls are friendly and outgoing.  They could be that way with everyone, so while they may like you they may not necessarily be interested in dating you.

Sometimes we meet someone and feel an instant connection, but just because we feel it doesn’t mean the other person feels the same way.  It’s natural when we like someone to want them to like us back, and if we are attracted to them we want them to reciprocate those feelings.  So is there a way to tell if a girl views you as date potential or if it’s just wishful thinking on your part and she only considers you to be a friend?

Here are some tell-tale signs that will let you know if you stand a chance of getting to know the girl you like, better.

How to Know if a Girl Likes You – Some Signs

Does the girl blush whenever you talk to her?  Blushing is an involuntary reaction that is almost impossible to control.  If a girl blushes in your company, unless she is very shy, there’s a good chance she is attracted to you.

Does she remember things you’ve only mentioned once or barely even touched upon?  Can she recount an inconsequential story you told her in great detail, right down to the names of the people in it and the time and place it occurred?  This could just mean she has a very good memory for trivia, but if the other tell-tale signs listed here are also present it’s more than likely that she remembers because she likes you and wants to know more about you, so the things you talk about her stick in her mind.

Do you seem to accidentally run into the girl a lot?  While this could be coincidental, there’s a chance she is frequenting places she knows you are likely to be in the hopes of seeing you and having the chance to talk to you.

How to Know if a Girl Likes You – Some More Signs

Opening up to someone is an indication of wanting to be closer and to forge a connection with them.  If she asks you for an opinion on something personal, or if she asks for suggestions on how to solve a problem she is having, it’s a sign she trusts and values your point of view.

Our no- verbal clues can give away more than what we say, so check the girl’s body language.  The following are signs of attraction, flirting and openess to taking things to a more personal level.

Does she sits or stands very close to you?  We inhabit another person’s personal space when we are close to them, or want to be close to them.

Does she laugh a lot at your jokes, even the ones that aren’t very funny?  When we like and are attracted to someone, everything about them is exaggerated to us including their wit.

Does she toss and touch her hair a lot?  This can be a sign that she finds you attractive.  Likewise if she strokes her necklace or cheek while talking to you.

These are just some of the many tell-tale clues of how to know if a girl likes you.  If she displays all of the above behaviour it’s highly probable she is attracted to you big time, so quit hesitating and make your move!


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