Dating an older woman is the dream of many a young guy, and why not when the advantages can be many?

Young guys view older woman as sophisticated and worldly in all aspects of life including the one that is of vital importance to most young guys – – – lovemaking.  It’s said guys peak sexually in their late teens to early twenties, with women a couple of decades behind in that regard.  Not many guys are prepared to wait twenty plus years to test that theory.  And why would they be when there are sexy and attractive older women out there looking to date younger guys!?

Advantages of Dating an Older Woman

Dating an older woman is different to dating a woman of your own age.

Older woman are generally more mature than younger women.  They aren’t as likely to play games.  They know what they want in a relationship and aren’t afraid to let it be known.  That is a bonus for younger guys who may previously have dated women who were not as forthcoming with that information, making it difficult to tell if they were on the same page.  Most older women have the confidence to tell it like it is.

Older women are usually more financially secure than younger women.  This is great news for younger guys who are also financially stable.  Some women will take advantage of a guy with money, no matter his age.  While it’s possible an older women will also do this, younger women tend to do it more often.  An older woman will usually want to be an equal partner in the relationship, so will be happy to pay her way.

More Advantages of Dating an Older Woman

Older woman tend to be less high maintenance than younger women.  It’s unlikely an older woman will drag you around the shops for hours while she looks for the perfect shade of lipstick and shoes to match her new dress.  While an older woman will appreciate a guy’s company and input when shopping, it usually won’t take them as long to figure out what they want.     

Older woman are likely to have a place of their own.  This means you will be able to stay over at your date’s place and not have to worry about making small talk with her parents.

Older women are normally more sexually experienced.  They know how to please a man in bed and are comfortable telling their guy what they want.  Ask any young guy dating an older woman, and it’s more than likely he will tell that this is one of the best parts of dating an older woman.

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